D DAY Tour Prices

Tour prices from Caen or Bayeux area

9 hour tour

7 hour tour

5 hour tour

Up to 8 passengers

550 Euros

470 Euros

380 Euros

Up to 6 passengers 500 Euros 430 Euros 350 Euros
without transport (up to 8 people) 350 Euros 300 Euros 230 Euros

without transport (more than 8 people)

400 Euros

340 Euros

270 Euros


Tour prices from Cruise ships

Le Havre


Up to 6 passengers

800 Euros

700 Euros

All tours are payable on the day, in cash, please or pre-payable up to ten days before the tour by international wire transfer.
We do not accept Credit Cards (yet!).
The prices quoted are the total price to pay for the tour, not the price per person, and include everything on the day except museum entrance fees and lunch/coffee.

A tour in Normandy

There are no preset tours presented on this website as each tour is tailored to the requests and wishes of each individual client based on our direct contact with you. It is also possible for you to mix heritage sites and WWII topics within the same day on the same tour. You are only limited by the time you have and the distances that have to be covered. Tours over several days can also be made with pick-ups made from Normandy to Paris.
Normandy itself has a reputation within France as being a wet part of the country with large amounts of rain falling frequently. But as a Norman I can tell you that we also get a lot of sunshine- it rains enough to keep the grass green without raining enough to really annoy you! So before you come, make sure you have the right clothes. I cannot tell you when it is going to rain but it is always good to be ready. Dress for the best but pack for the worst!


Other tours Prices

As each tour is tailored to each client's wishes and the price is dependent on the time spent on tour as well as the distance travelled and the number of people on the tour, please ask for your tour price quote by mail or fill out the Contact form on the website.